At Ambo Gardens, our approach to preparing chicken is a culinary masterpiece. We start with the finest Kienyeji chicken, renowned for its rich and natural flavors. Our experienced chefs marinate the chicken in a carefully crafted blend of traditional Kenyan spices, allowing the flavors to permeate the meat.

We then grill it to perfection, ensuring that every bite is succulent and packed with an authentic Kenyan essence. The result is tender, aromatic, and bursting with the warmth of Kienyeji goodness.



Embark on a culinary journey with our Rustic Kienyeji Chicken Delight. Our Kienyeji chicken, known for its rich and natural flavors, is the star of this dish. We marinate these free-range birds in a blend of traditional spices and herbs, then slow-cook them to perfection.


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